Conference Notes: Demand Curve Growth Summit 2021

Key takeaways from Demand Curve's Growth Summit 2021.

Key takeaways from Demand Curve’s Growth Summit 2021.

Product-Led Growth Session

  • habit forming products appreciate in value
  • figure out a way to improve or add value to the product the more it gets used
  • help users do what they want to do but because of poor design, they don’t do
  • you can buy growth
  • you can’t buy engagement – engagement is most important early on and must be built into the product
  • you need to understand users’ internal triggers
  • if your product isn;t used frequently enough to form a habit, then you need to bolt on a habit:
    • content
    • community

Content-Led Growth Session

  • questions for user research: what is the main pain-point you’re experienecing when you’re trying to do ‘this’
  • in a small startup (under 50ppl) ideal team is to hire someone who gets content strategy, can plan execute, but can also manage and outsource content creation work to freelancers
  • bring teams together to brainstorsm ways a piece of content can be distrbuted within their respective channel

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